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We’re all about the music - from film scores to commercial projects and everything in between. Maestro Movement is a full service music production company made up of a diverse staff of composers and producers. The team at Maestro Movement have lent their award-winning talents to brands and artists all over the nation. If you have a project that needs inspirational sounds, get in touch with us today.

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Jason Norfleet

From home-state Connecticut to the world, Jason Norfleet, writer, disc
jockey, producer and musician extraordinaire have captivated listeners with his unique brand of gospel and R&B fusion! Creating an unmatched musical style and mix; breaking barriers and challenging modern gospel music, Jason descended on the scene as “DJ Maestro 1”.

Just as many composers before him, Maestro discovered his talents and
passion for music at an early age. Surrounded by a support team of family and community leaders, Maestro
became master musician, playing four instruments before his teen years!
Staying faithful to his spiritual roots, Maestro dedicated his gifts to ministry; composing gospel mixtapes for churches and community leaders yet the Maestro couldn’t deny his eccentric relationship to the music. Taking a gospel sermon by Bishop Paul S. Morton and mixing it over a secular song would seem blasphemous to most but only those who truly understood his abilities latched on to the movement that was awakening.

After simmering for years, the Maestro emerged like a phoenix with great confidence and undeniable success! Other pastors began to request for their messages to be immortalized by
Maestro’s majestic touch and soon there was a request for his music in record stores across the states! Now you can be mesmerized by the Maestro on numerous mixtapes, main stream radio, websites and touring with popular artists across the Nation!

“DJ Maestro 1”: Pioneer of the Gospel Mix”, awarded a plethora of great honors including Stellar Award Nomination, CT Gospel Music Award, CHHHAA “Producer of the Year” nomination, “Mobile DJ of the Year”, and the list goes on! DJMaestro1 is also featured on a list of sites, articles and blogs; esteemed by great leaders and artist internationally, it is apparent the Maestro Movement is LIMITLESS and pioneers a boundless musical REVOLUTION!

Founded in 2001, Maestro Movement is a full-service Music Production Company. We collaborate with artists and companies throughout the Central Florida area and beyond, and have developed a strong reputation as a result of our memorable tracks and professional recordings.

From custom-made projects to voice-overs we write, compose, and remaster original sounds.  We cater to your needs to create your unique sound.